Can you die from clonazepam overdose symptoms

By | 12.02.2018

can you die from clonazepam overdose symptoms

A person who takes a very high dose of clonazepam is unlikely to die as a result. . Call if you notice the following symptoms of clonazepam overdose. Apr 13, - Sedative medications like Klonopin can cause an overdose when too much drugs, and these overdose deaths are becoming more common. Call now to be connected with one of our compassionate treatment specialists. Jump to Signs and Symptoms of Clonazepam Overdose - Clonazepam is a commonly abused drug, due in part to the interactions which can end in serious harm or death. Call immediately if you or someone you.

Can you die from clonazepam overdose symptoms -

Slowed or stopped breathing. It is important, though, that doctors administer flumazenil because this medication may not stop an overdose altogether; it may just halt it temporarily. It is also not uncommon that incidents of vertigo, fainting, confusion and reduced reaction time can result from Klonopin use. The drug may help patients with their problems in the short term, but this benzodiazepine should not be depended on for extended periods of time. Overdosing on clonazepam is serious. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology.

: Can you die from clonazepam overdose symptoms

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Can you die from clonazepam overdose symptoms Clonazepam ndc data
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